About ReWork

ReWork started with a visionto become the premier provider of English language editing services for students and academics.

Are you a student with a research paper or assignment that needs to be edited thoroughly and efficiently? We are your answer.

Are you an academic who needs their journal article checked for consistency and correctness? We are your answer.

Are you a scholar who needs their PhD Dissertation Defense proofread? We are your answer.

We at ReWork guarantee you an unparalleled editing experience. When we rework your document, not only do we ensure basic checks such as grammar and spelling, but also improve cohesion and flow of your document as a whole, all at affordable rates.

Our highly skilled editors bring extraordinary levels of professionalism and are available 24×7.

Our Team

Our editors are English language experts with over a decade of editorial and research experience at some of the most prestigious institutions worldwide.

ReWork aims to provide exceptional academic editing services to students and researchers. Our editors have multiple degrees in various disciplines, including English Literature, Journalism, and Psychology. ReWork’s editors have at least a decade of editorial experience, allowing us to provide you with the very best services. Each member of the editorial team also has extensive interdisciplinary research experience of their own in addition to experience editing research from Ivy League universities. At ReWork, we consider experience to be paramount, and with prior affiliations to institutions like the Indian Institute of Management and Reuters, we guarantee that our editors will do justice to your work, bringing out the very best in your writing.